D. americana Genome Project (BLAST)

The Drosophila americana genome Blast tool

Here you can perform a Blast search of the Drosophila americana genome using a query sequence that is less than 500 bp long. This is a powerful tool that will foster evolutionary comparative studies using Drosophila americana. The phylogeny of the D. virilis group of species (where D. americana belongs) has been determined.

Studies using divergent species are needed in order to establish the generality of the many findings that have been made on the model species D. melanogaster, and closely related species. Only then, we will know whether we know a lot about D. melanogaster, Drosophila genus-wide, insects, or animals (including our own species).

Details about the assembly are available here.

Please acknowledge this work if you use this tool. Collaborations are welcome.

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