repleta group

Click on the desired species to see where it has been sampled. GPS coordinates have been obtained from the TaxoDros database during June 2013. The predicted suitable distribution using 19 bioclimatic variables (obtained from WorldClim) and the DIVA-GIS software is also shown in red. Click on the corresponding Unique Coordinates to see the sampling locations.

Subgroup Species Unique Coordinates Picture (by)
fasciola D. ellisoni 15  
hydei D. bifurca 46  
  D. eohydei 14  
  D. guayllabambae 12  
  D. hydei 1069 Ehime University
  D. nigrohydei 53  
  D. novemaristata 10  
mercatorum D. mercatorum 249 Ehime University
mulleri D. anceps 10  
  D. eremophila 12  
  D. hamatofila 158  
  D. hexastigma 18  
  D. mainlandi 23  
  D. meridionalis 64  
  D. mettleri 32  
  D. micromettleri 7  
  D. nigrospiracula 44  
  D. pachuca 10  
  D. propachuca 19  
  D. richardsoni 11  
  D. spenceri 34  
  D. starmeri 36  
  D. venezolana 14  
mulleri (buzzatii complex) D. borborema 15  
  D. buzzatii 343  
  D. serido 117  
mulleri (longicornis complex) D. huckinsi 4  
  D. huichole 4  
  D. longicornis 153  
mulleri (martensis complex) D. martensis 31  
mulleri (mayaguana subcluster) D. mayaguana 22  
mulleri (meridiana complex) D. meridiana 59  
mulleri (mojavensis complex) D. arizonae 37  
  D. mojavensis 141 Ehime University
  D. navojoa 10  
mulleri (mulleri complex) D. aldrichi 157  
  D. huaylasi 2  
  D. mulleri 176 Ehime University
  D. nigrodumosa 3  
  D. wheeleri 14  
mulleri (ritae complex) D. ritae 63  
mulleri (stalkeri complex) D. stalkeri 14  
repleta D. neorepleta 12  
  D. repleta 766 Ehime University