tripunctata group

Click on the desired species to see where it has been sampled. GPS coordinates have been obtained from the TaxoDros database during June 2013. The predicted suitable distribution using 19 bioclimatic variables (obtained from WorldClim) and the DIVA-GIS software is also shown in red. Click on the corresponding Unique Coordinates to see the sampling locations.

Subgroup Species Unique Coordinates Picture (by)
tripunctata I D. nappae 22  
  D. neoguaramunu 13  
  D. setula 33  
tripunctata II D. cuaso 14  
  D. medioimpressa 16  
  D. mediopunctata 67  
  D. mediosignata 19  
  D. paraguayensis 47  
  D. roehrae 32  
  D. unipunctata 36  
tripunctata III D. bandeirantorum 86  
  D. bifilum 16  
  D. frotapessoai 5  
  D. mediopicta 44  
  D. mediopictoides 22  
  D. mediostriata 93  
  D. nigricincta 17  
  D. paramediostriata 23  
  D. trifilum 12  
tripunctata IV D. mediodiffusa 10  
  D. metzii 29  
  D. tripunctata 147